"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Top 20 chart

Sometimes I work in clubs where is a DJ, so I don't need to select my own music to dance to. But then I have to dance on any songs he plays without any requests. In other clubs there is a DJ and I can give him my music or even he asks me to choose my own songs. Often I'm not bothered, I just tell him to play any.. as one my manager used to say "you're a dancer, you must to know how to move on any kind of songs." Nothing more disappointing then seeing and amazing pole dance show when the dancer can't follow the rhythm of her music. I've seen enough examples of that.. If I have to choose, I always pick those that suitable to my move.
Still, I have my favourites. And just like in anything, I like to be unique in choosing the right songs as well. I never choose the songs that you can hear on the radio every day, or the classic striptease music like the You Can Leave Your Hat On. I have music from all over the world. That's why happened that in the Caribbean I danced on German songs, in Germany I dance on French songs.

Here is the list:
20. Baby Bash ft. Akon - I'll be your lover
19. Sido - Strip fur mich
18. Macka Diamond - Dye dye
17. Ivan Dorn vs. Klaas - The Lova
16. Maitre Gims - J'me tire
15. Tiziano Ferro - Senza scappare mai piu
14. Gyptian - Hold you
13. Massari - Real love
12. Blero - Sexy moves
11. Clara Morgane - Strip tease
10. Lil Kim - Kitty box
9. One Republic - Secrets
8. Gasparoff - Knights of Citeriya
7. Ofra Haza - Show me
6. Andreea D - Paradise
5. D'Banj - Oliver Twist
4. Isthar - Last kiss
3. Massari - Inta hayati
2. Xavier Naidoo - 20.000 Meilen
1. Kymani Marley - Royal vibes

Here is also a playlist: 
There is no special order between the songs, I equally like them. It depends on my mood which one I prefer to dance to. But the No.1. is on the first place, because whenever I danced on this song, girls couldn't wait for me leaving the club and they could use it for their own performance. So it's not just my No.1.!

And then when I have to make a special show, I like to do a little belly dance. These are the songs for my fantasy shows:

Sarah Brightman - Harem
Alanis Morisette - I remain
Amr Diab - Tamally Maak

So that is the list of my favourite songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy dancing on them. :)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

How men approach a stripper

My job is to approach clients, I keep it in mind. But different men, different rules. Some don't even bother to be nice, when he sees I'm going to his table, just lifts up his hand in the air showing I'm not welcome there. Others are talking to me for long minutes without buying me a drink and then they are surprised why I stop answering to them or apologise that I must go to work. 
So let's see here what are the most behaviour of men in approaching a dancer: 

The shy guy – He never approaches the girl. He is sitting alone or with a friend holding his drink. If the girl smiles at him, he's embarrassed. Usually he waits until the girl goes over to his table. (I would say this is the most common type of customers.)

The self-confident type – He comes to the girl with a wide smile and speaks very loud. I'm his “babe” from the very first minute. He needs all the attention of all the girls. And he can be pretty upset if he doesn't get it.

The drunk guy – When he comes to you, you can't decided he comes to you or the girl next to you. He's walking in zigzag. And when he starts to speak, you can't focus on his words but a very bad smell from his mouth from the alcohol he previously drunk. If the girl can manage to take him into the private, maybe he falls asleep. I've seen a private closed with curtains because a drunk guy was sleeping on the floor in an unbelievable pose. His only luck was that he spent enough money so the manager decided to let him to sleep there. These guys usually will come back next day because they lost something.

The bachelor – He is not my favourite. He comes to the club in ridiculous outfit in some country. South Africa is the winner, there I saw guys dressed up as a woman, Superman, a bride, the Pink Panther and the most popular was a baby outfit holding a dummy or some alcohol in a baby bottle. He usually arrives fucked up drunk with his friend. And usually his friends have more fun than himself. In a lucky day they ask for a special show on stage that usually ending with poor guy being beaten up with his own belt. But lots of time they are annoying not to know what exactly they want.

The complete liar – He come to you with a complete lie. I had a guy who said he is in the military but probably I have more muscles than him. And when his friend came over I asked him if he is also military and he said yes, I was just laughing. Unbelievable some guys what kind of lies are able to say just to impress a woman!

The desperate guy – Desperately needs sex. If he has money, he will offer a bigger amount to go for a “dinner” with him. If he is a cheaper type, he offer a smaller amount. Or if he's really a cheap one, he tells you he will pay you a dance only if he can touch you or you give him a handjob..

And our dream guy – He's polite and clean. Smiles at you and invite you for a drink. He knows what kind of place he entered and respects the rules. He doesn't need to spend a lot, but he knows we are there to work and he doesn't waste our time. If he doesn't like the girl, he is able to tell that politely(!) not like “I want a girl with bigger boobs” 
Luckily you can find these type in clubs too!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The sad Hungarian reality

I didn't want to write about it because I haven't decided what is my opinion. I'm just a stupid stripper who doesn't talk about politics. Right? BUT.… Now I'm in Germany and people are still asking my opinion about the refugees in Hungary after it seems everybody is happy as Germany save them from the Hungarian hell. For Germany it's easy to be the white knight. One of the strongest country in Europe. But Hungary is already bleeding from thousands wounds.
Judge Hungary. But you don't know those who had to leave the country in their fifties because that was the only way to support their children's school. Or those who had huge debt thanks for the Swiss Frank and to pay it back they had to go abroad with zero language skill to have a better paid job. You don't know those Hungarians who had no money to go home easily for family events like to a funeral or engagement. I missed both because I couldn't just jump on the plane and go home. Hungary is not a Kanaan. And of course we are worried. When the average monthly salary is about 300-350€ and I pay the same money in the supermarket for a bread or milk like in the UK or Germany. People in Hungary just try to survive and we need to feed our nation first. Do you know how many dancers from Hungary are working just to support their family back home? Some just do this job because there is an ill family member and somehow the hospital bills need to be paid? And she chose to dance and smile and cry when no one else sees?
What would you do if three people just get to your garden and decide to stay there because they think they have the right to do so? Then they make a fire and start to burn your garden furnitures.. They get hungry and they start to kill your animals.. Then your dog because he's barking loudly and they can't sleep. Maybe you feel sorry for them but the sad truth is your children don't dare to go out and play in the garden. You want to get rid of them asap. Right?
My grandma has nightmares and she scared til death. In her own country. In her own home.
You know the old saying, don't you? When you go to Rome behave like the Romans. I moved to England. I accepted its law. I didn't start to drive on the left side just because in my culture this is how we do. Those want to come to Europe without respecting the EU law. Half of them are really in needs and they are desperate. The other half is arrogant trouble maker. Hard to decide. It's a mass. They don't have leaders. Without leaders it's a total anarchy.
When they beat up a Hungarian policeman? When they humiliate the people who bring them free water and food and throw it to the rails? When there are hungry and thirsty children amongst them? They don't want to be registered and burn their papers instead? They want us to accept them. But they have to be acceptable! (I don't agree with those Hungarians either whom behaviour was inappropriate towards them.)
Years back thousands of gypsies from Hungary went to Canada as refugees. But they couldn't fit in there either. Canada had enough of them and send them back home.. We were angry at Canada?? No, although we didn't want them back either.

What I see it's only fear and pain in the eyes. And chaos. Huge chaos in the 21. century when people have smart phones in their pocket but some has no humanity in the heart.

Peace be with you. And make sex, not war! :)