"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Boring, boring..!

Well, I must suggest that this is the most boring job I've ever had. I know that this is the time for football, beers and World Cup for lots of guys (I was no surprised when I read an article about the divorce rate increased 5% in China during these days) Our club is deadly empty. In every place can have 1 or 2 bad days, but nearly 2 weeks? And the World Cup hasn't been finished yet..
And of course when it's less busy, women have more chance to talk about others. Thank God, I don't speak French so I don't get involved! But funny in the same time because I understand what they talk about, I just play the stupid that I don't. So the manager complains about the girls that they don't work hard enough, the barmaid complains about the manager that she wants her to do everything in the same time, the girls complain about customers that they don't want to spend money and of course about each other that the apartment is dirty and so on. And me complaining about the whole club here. :) No, it's not really a truth, I can't complain because nothing is happening there. It reminds me when I was working in London during the Olympic Games. Everybody expected being super busy, but clubs, restaurants, cafes in the central were not busier than usual. The club I worked was also quiet but there we could use the Internet, read a book (I used that time to study) or sleep. Here it's not like that. I'm sitting at the bar for hours with a straight back looking at the line of alcohol bottles. Sometimes I move to a different chair for a different view. I never understood why we can't use our mobile to kill the time when it's not a single customer there. But in the same time I can't say anything because I have a good daily salary so basically I'm making money doing nothing. Oh, and I almost forget! Since I'm here I haven't performanced on stage, not even once in 3 weeks!
And when it's customers, they are easy. When they buy me a bottle of champagne in the VIP and they don't speak English I suddenly have better skills than a pantomimic artist and they like it. Or sometimes they don't want to talk to the girls at all, they only come to see the manager or the boss, but they buy a glass of drink one after another for us too. We just sit there and smile. Easy peasy, isn't it?
But I must say I met some crazy guys here too. The one who took me for a private dance and only wanted me to sit on his face was the weirdest. I've heard about that fetish before but when you meet someone who literally likes it, it's different. I only could think about what is wrong with this guy? The one who wanted to lick my armpit couldn't bothered me so. But what I found strange here, more customer asked me to slap him on the face or beat him up.. more than other countries. So they would be the gangster type guys with a little Italian blood that need a Mamma to punish them when they misbehave? They can not give me answers why they like it, so I think I need to buy a book about this subject. No problem, I have lots of time to educate myself here!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Viva la Corsica!

Here I am again: sun, sea, summer, icecream and hotpants. With no doubts this is my favourite time of the year. And I feel lucky that I can find holiday destinations for work. Well, the location where the club is not the nicest part of Bastia but who cares when you can reach la plage in 10 minutes walk. Not white sand like it was in the Caribbean but the water is crystal clear. So however the work is, I'm not going to complain a lot. La vie est belle!
And after Geneva, Luxembourg and Gwada I am again in a French speaker country. Shame on me that I didn't take an effort to learn the language, although I use lots of expressions and I can understand a lot, but the time I spent in these places I should have learnt some French. C'est la vie I guess.. But the truth is I never felt this language is mine. (French kiss oui, any time!)
I'm curious about men in this island. I've heard that they are short tempered (mix the French, Italian and Arab blood and you will see what I mean) and they have the complex of Napoleon (who was born here) as they are shorter than the average. I also heard they are very nationalists and crazy maffia kind of guys (lots of them carry guns but with their short temper I don't think it's a good idea) Well, we will see. But maffia guys can not scared me any more as in Japan I met lots of jakuzas and I know I don't want to mess up with this type. There I had customer who had 3 fingers missing. Between jakuzas cutting the finger is kind of punishment or apologie. He never said anything bad to me but I didn't want to push my boundaries with him either. Being an independent and proud woman doesn't mean I'm looking for trouble. Here I will use the same policy. Better to be safe than sorry.
At least I don't think I will have problems with the girls here. The club is very small and only 3 girls  are working and they seem to be nice. I know one of them from Belgium, we worked together in Antwerp, hmm... 3 years ago. It's funny, you know you spent too much time in this business when you go to a new place and there you meet someone you have worked with in another club, another country. It happened in Luxembourg where I met a girl that I know from Belgium too, or in Gwada where I met a French girl and before we also worked together in Geneva. Yes, it's true, the world is too small.
And I definitely won't have problem with the food here. I can survive on crepe till the end of my staying here! :)

Now bon nuit everyone, a tout a l'heure!