"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The sad Hungarian reality

I didn't want to write about it because I haven't decided what is my opinion. I'm just a stupid stripper who doesn't talk about politics. Right? BUT.… Now I'm in Germany and people are still asking my opinion about the refugees in Hungary after it seems everybody is happy as Germany save them from the Hungarian hell. For Germany it's easy to be the white knight. One of the strongest country in Europe. But Hungary is already bleeding from thousands wounds.
Judge Hungary. But you don't know those who had to leave the country in their fifties because that was the only way to support their children's school. Or those who had huge debt thanks for the Swiss Frank and to pay it back they had to go abroad with zero language skill to have a better paid job. You don't know those Hungarians who had no money to go home easily for family events like to a funeral or engagement. I missed both because I couldn't just jump on the plane and go home. Hungary is not a Kanaan. And of course we are worried. When the average monthly salary is about 300-350€ and I pay the same money in the supermarket for a bread or milk like in the UK or Germany. People in Hungary just try to survive and we need to feed our nation first. Do you know how many dancers from Hungary are working just to support their family back home? Some just do this job because there is an ill family member and somehow the hospital bills need to be paid? And she chose to dance and smile and cry when no one else sees?
What would you do if three people just get to your garden and decide to stay there because they think they have the right to do so? Then they make a fire and start to burn your garden furnitures.. They get hungry and they start to kill your animals.. Then your dog because he's barking loudly and they can't sleep. Maybe you feel sorry for them but the sad truth is your children don't dare to go out and play in the garden. You want to get rid of them asap. Right?
My grandma has nightmares and she scared til death. In her own country. In her own home.
You know the old saying, don't you? When you go to Rome behave like the Romans. I moved to England. I accepted its law. I didn't start to drive on the left side just because in my culture this is how we do. Those want to come to Europe without respecting the EU law. Half of them are really in needs and they are desperate. The other half is arrogant trouble maker. Hard to decide. It's a mass. They don't have leaders. Without leaders it's a total anarchy.
When they beat up a Hungarian policeman? When they humiliate the people who bring them free water and food and throw it to the rails? When there are hungry and thirsty children amongst them? They don't want to be registered and burn their papers instead? They want us to accept them. But they have to be acceptable! (I don't agree with those Hungarians either whom behaviour was inappropriate towards them.)
Years back thousands of gypsies from Hungary went to Canada as refugees. But they couldn't fit in there either. Canada had enough of them and send them back home.. We were angry at Canada?? No, although we didn't want them back either.

What I see it's only fear and pain in the eyes. And chaos. Huge chaos in the 21. century when people have smart phones in their pocket but some has no humanity in the heart.

Peace be with you. And make sex, not war! :)


  1. One dear customer yesterday:
    "Where do you come from?"
    "You should be shameful because of your country!"

    I'm done here. From now on I'm from China. And please keep those out of a strip club who want to make political comments!!!!!

  2. I got a "warmhearted" message how can I forget that how many Hungarian refugees were accepted in Germany after 1956..

    Thanks for reminding me what's happening today is not the first time in history when Europe left Hungary alone to fight.
    Secondly yes, they were refugees. Big names like Ferenc Puskas, Andrew G. Vajna and the half of the golden medalist water polo team, not nameless and passportless rioters.

    Rest of the Hungarians stayed behind even to die for freedom and idealistic thoughts they believed in not just run away. Heroic. Full stop.

    There is a great movie about it, without reference of immigration questions I recommend you to watch it. Here is the trailer:


  3. And here is the full movie in German:


  4. ha ha ha - love your posting even more after reading this :-)
    keep on going

    1. Oh dear, you should watch that movie! You can find in German on Youtube..
      Ok, it's not a Hollywood movie but one of my favourite. And true history..