"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Saturday, 22 February 2014

To meet Mr. Player

He has a name but I would prefer to call him Mr. Player. This given name perfectly describe his real nature. I met him in the club. First sight I noticed his cute face but I knew from previous experience that I don't need to get close to this type of guy. This type I just call eye-candy. They are good to look at but you know what to do with a lollipop when you can't have it all: just throw it in the rubbish bin.

But my eye-candy guy decided to talk to me. His words were sweet just like his face.

Oh girl, it's not going to end up well!” said to myself. And usually I'm good with these feelings..

So he came to me saying that I'm afraid of him.. Oh yes, very much!!! Next time he was holding my hand and he said some things like he is working hard and he has a few companies and he is a nice guy but I didn't pay much attention what he was saying. I listened my own body and it said “you want to have sex with that guy”.

Then he started his game.

If you want to go for sailing, I can arrange something. Just call me. Here they know me, you can ask my number from the manager or other girls.”

WTF? I should investigate if I want his number? He can not be serious! But he was. I told him I won't do it, but if he gives me his number I will call him. He suddenly disappeared. That moment I realised he is my Mr. Player guy. If a girl wants his number, she should work on it a bit harder. All my built-in censors sent me a sign “Be careful” with him. But in the same time as he held my hand was something exciting. I'm more proud and discrete then ask his number of any of my colleges but I started to look up him on Facebook. It wasn't so easy, but I found him. I have some very useful detective skills and I usually get what I want so these two mixed together means I will find what I'm searching for. I sent him a message. He replied late saying he doesn't check his Facebook so often. Let's say I believed him. Couple of innocent, flirting messages..

Later he came back to the club. He sent me a text saying “See you tonight BABE!” so I expected him that night. He arrived and even without looking at me he sat at one of the table in the opposite corner. Hm, that's going to be interesting. Quickly understood the situation that he's waiting for me to make the first move. Usually I would just say f*** off immediately. But now I was hesitating a bit but my feelings won over my pride and I went to his table. After a short talk he asked me what I want from him. I pretended not to understand. “I'm still waiting” said with a satisfied smile. Mr Player played very well. I didn't know how I can get out from the situation as a winner. Finally shyly told him “I want to make love with you” He smiled. I knew what he is playing and I was welcome in the game. He needed to hear it to make the next step. But in the same time I quickly understood that his self-satisfied smile hide an unsecured character who needs all this positive reinforcement.

He took me for a private dance. He put his hands on both side, just like with a Go on girl, do your job! attitude. I tried to seduce him. I think I did well as he couldn't longer resist to touch my body. So I passed the test. I was sure about that we can have a great sex, the matter is only the time. He left me with a promise that we are going to spend the next Monday together. It seemed easy. I want sex, he wants sex, I like him, he likes me. But I almost got a heart attack when he asked me to take the other girls with me! Not because I'm against to chill with his friends or have a house party but I should ask the girls to come with me? I told him if he wants them to come he should invite them himself. (I'm still not a big friend with the French girls here..) The second thing I understood about him that he is manipulating people. I bet he is a single child who got everything from his parents or he has an older brother or sister who was a pioneer before him and fight all the battles with the parents what a kid needs to, and he's had the beaten track front of him. These people never really learn how to fight for something and they become a bit lazy in interactions with others.

So I was in the middle of the game. And I didn't mind to be there. As you know the rules and you have the choice to be there, you can not be hurt. I know that. I had a very good teacher previously how to play hard. End of a 1 year “special friendship” we both were hurt badly. I remember our last night with that guy when his bodyguard stepped between us because I was ready to be violent! And God knows what's happening if I hit first! But this is another story. This guy is softer and maybe a bit too young. Or I'm more experienced with the game now.

Monday. That was funny enough that the girl who previously had an affair with him organised the other girls to come with me with the reason me to get laid down by him. OK, sharing is caring, but if someone tells me that story probably I won't believe. It feels like I'm taking a whole supporting team with me for a one night stand. They just need to decide who's going to be the cheerleader. The girls had drinks and shisha, so they were okay. I don't want to share the dirty details here but he would get 10 out of 10 for his technical performance. But emotionally he couldn't satisfied me and for a woman is also important or even more important. I didn't expect a big thing but I like the feeling when I'm able to fall in love with someone for that 30 minutes although I know I won't see him again. Oh well, he has more to learn about woman..

After he said he's going home because he has lots of work on the following day. BUT I can stay with his friend! That point I was laughing inside. He is offering his friends company when I came only because of him? Actually I had so much fun to analyse the night. It's like I was there but a part of me were watching the whole situation from the outside. During sex I wanted to kill that part but if a guy can not do the magic trick to switch off my brain..well, no needs to explain. I don't blame him, I think Mr. Player kinda did his best but the circumstances were awkward to me. But it seemed it works for him. In his car on the way back home I tried to read him. And I put the picture together. I'm pretty sure he is a nice guy inside but very hard to open up. As he said he is a loner. And I believe so. I think he has a kind of suspicious nature and people have to prove their trustworthiness before he let them closer. Once they are there, he would do everything for them, he can be extremely loyal and supportive I guess. But if you can not manage to get into that inner circle, you stay on his playlist. And people are happy to be there. I noticed one thing around him, that every time he came to the club he was followed by a big branch of people. He is like a kinda leader for them who knows where is the best place to go and worth to be followed, and they are there to feeding his Ego. They live happily ever after in a perfect symbiosis.

I saw the mask he's wearing. But there was a few moments when I think I could see behind. I saw that inside he is sensitive, insecure, he is not a shallow person but a deep thinker and he has great values. And I saw that he is definitely would deserve the time to get to know him better. Time, what I don't have as I'm staying only for a couple of days longer. So I took my place on his playlist. I even asked him not to come to the club after.

He took me home and he said he's going to sleep. I had a feeling that he goes back to his friends place so I just said good night to him. I got what I wanted, what he is doing after is not my business. I let him think I believe. Later the French girls told me without even asking them that he went back and even wanted to fuck the other girls. I wasn't surprised at all. I'm not pretty sure that I have to believe also that he offered money for them, because he's a good looking guy who doesn't really need to do such a thing, but if it makes him happy.. I knew he was going back anyway. And I trust more my instincts than any man on Earth! As I knew he is a fucker (sorry for my English). But basically I don't care if he fucked half of the island previously, with that cute face, if I were him I would do the same.

He came back to the club on Wednesday. He said he doesn't like rules and he doesn't do what others ask him to do. Typical! I was not so happy to see him. He paid me a drink but while we were talking he was looking for stuff on Ebay. Such a big respect! At that very moment I was tempted to dip his mobile into his glass! But I only smiled. I asked him how was the party after I left, letting him know that I know about everything. He answered but I only heard “I bla bla bla bla....” For me the game was over.

He said he is hard to read. But I told him I'm good at it. He says exactly what the other wants to hear. If I want a bad guy, he is. If I want a good guy, he is maybe able to put the glasses on and play a geek. But why is so difficult for some guys just to be fair and upfront? Mr. Player guy barely has a chance to find one more girl in this club like me. And I hope he is fully aware of that. Not because I'm special but because I play fair. I'm intelligent enough to see the higher correlations. And we have more common as he could think. We both have the inner strength and we don't wear our heart on the sleeve but I've learned how to put my cards on the table without fear and not losing myself in the game.


  1. I couldn't help myself but I sent this post to my Mr. Player guy. All he could say was "Sorry I know I hurt you." No. Maybe he wished to, but he can not. No man can hurt me anymore.
    And the funny part was when he said that was the first time he did something like that with a girl from the club. Of course! Saying 30 minutes after that one of the girl asked his number from ME?! All I could say to him that "if it was the first time for you, then I was a virgin!"

  2. You should have thrown ice at him :)

    1. Next time that would be the solution! :)