"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Monday, 10 February 2014

Who shouldn't date with a girl who travels..

It's a rainy morning in the Caribbean, not really a good time to go to the beach. So I'm surfing on the Internet and I found a very interesting article that I can not leave without words. Actually after reading it has a stronger effect on me than my morning coffee! The title is “Don't date a girl who travels” Here you can read the whole article:

There is another article why you should “Always date a girl who travels” :

Reading both blog I recognised myself. A girl who travels “doesn’t work like a robot all day, she goes out and takes what life has to offer and challenges you to do the same. She speaks her mind. She is too independent and won't care whether you travel with her or not.” “She lives out of a suitcase and sleeps on the floor. She’s independent and strong. She will continue to show you that being here on Earth is a spontaneous blessing with jaw dropping views around every corner. She will continue to pursue her dreams until she succeeds, she will never give up on anything she wants. “ Yes, that's ME! These words describe me perfectly.

And you shouldn't date me for the same reasons above if you are needy, nerdy, a momma's boy, if you are too cautious or too insecure. I'm a light bulb in the dark for those guys, they find me extremely attractive but nothing long-term could work between us. I was reading enough self-help books about relationships but end of the day I had the same conclusion after each book. A woman has to be extraordinary patient, give enough room to her man, not yelling, not nagging, appreciate every small moves he does but I didn't find a book teaching man to be more patient, not being obsessive and give enough freedom to his woman. I got enough “I help you” and “I'll take you away from this job” offers but none of them questioned maybe this is what I want to do! It seems hard to believe that some girls in this job have more in their head than in a doll's head in the shopping window and we can't take that someone tell us what to do with our life.

I love to surprise people!

Thanks for all those years of travels and experience, I'm able to keep a good conversation (with an intelligent man). And if he is not so intelligent, the game starts.. Not long ago I had a customer who thought he can buy me just like he buys a bag of apple in the market. He put all his credit cards on the bar showing all his advantage (definitely that's all he has) but I though he fall off the chair when I told him “you have to have more to convince me to talk to you” He didn't understand what I mean and he was pretty upset that I refused to dance to him after all. Luckily my boss wasn't around. The guy just called me a bitch and he left. (I'm wondering sometimes why they call these places Gentleman's Clubs..) This guy definitely doesn't need to date me!

As my friend from Sweden told me after reading this blog that he remember me “not only as an extremely beautiful girl but mainly as a very interesting person to have a conversation with. As representative of the male gender I have to claim that some of us are able to listen even when we are affected by our feelings.” I have no doubts. I just wish I could meet this type more often..

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