"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sweet like sugar but not a Sugababe

It's just another thing I have to tell. Lots of people think we, strippers are super rich! I heard so many times that “you should buy me a drink because you earn more than me!” Dear Gentlemen, I don't. Those days when the staff of the club swipped the money off from the stage after the dancer's performance, are over. The world has been gone through some financial crisis, don't forget. And customers are not that generous anymore. In some clubs I don't earn more with dancing than an average waitress in a pub. (Here I don't want to go deeper again that I'm doing it for the travel experiences not exactly for the money..) But all those girls they make extraordinary money, well, let's be honest, they do extra. With “clean” work, you can be lucky only sometimes, or keep a good regular customer with intelligent conversations or charm, but that's it. 
And if you ever wonder what a stripper does with the money? I can't talk about others, but because I work for tips sometimes, I decided to give out a part of it. I became the sponsor of a 5 years old girl in Myanmar. The money comes easy and goes easy. But if it goes, I like when it goes for a good reason. Of course I buy shoes and other stuff too, I'm a woman and I need lots of them for work and for the modelling, but I know life is not only about these. And I believe in Karma that what you give, you will get back. It's still such a cliche that all the strippers spend their money on drugs or they give it to their boyfriends. I worked with lots of girls that spent the money they earned on their education! 
I can't say I make a fortune with this job. But what I make is mine, I don't depend on anybody. Of course I was playing with the thought to find a rich guy and all my money issues would be solved, but I had to realise that I'm not that kind of woman who go in this kind of relationship easily. I got this offer before. The guy offered me a nice apartment close to his, paying all my bills and £500 cash weekly for being his “girlfriend”. Nice, hm? The golden cage.. By the way, I forgot to mention: he was fat, ugly, not so old but he became extremely arrogant when I rejected his offer.. Not the type I would do anything with, and nobody can buy me, my love or respect in this way. I would rather earn less but feel free. But I also find it difficult with the guy I like. Or even more difficult. I can not just move into someone's place with 2 suitcase and say “Here I am!” when I didn't put a nail into the wall there. I can not feel good there. It feels like I'm only a guest, in long term I would never be able to feel the place like my home. I would feel he's the King of his Castle, and there is his territory, his rules, and I'm out of my comfort zone. Probably I'm too independent and just the idea to depend on someone could freeze me totally. I start to believe that I have too much (and unnecessary) pride tough.
I don't judge the girl who is in a beneficial relationship. Maybe I will try once. But I blame the industry I live and work in. Sometimes these girls are very young and they want to live a certain kind of life without being able to afford it. Some are struggling to pay the rent but they're saving money for a new Louis Vuitton bag. In a better case they find someone who would be happy to buy it for them. Therefore they count on these men taking them on expensive holidays and fancy places and the idea of living like a princess becomes reality but only for short period. But what after? For these men there will be always a younger, prettier girl, they can not rely on them for a lifetime. Not anymore. It worked in the last centuries but these days when everything and everybody is replaceable so easily, I don't trust in these relationships.
Oh well, this is the World we live in nowadays. And this is only my opinion. You can throw a stone at me but I still don't go into a relationship based only on money. Call me old fashioned, but – even I worked 6 years in the night – I can say I still believe in LOVE! 

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