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- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Monday, 19 May 2014

Welcome back in London!

Somehow back to London I always feel being lazy. Although I have lots of things to do. It's more of an administrative break than a real holiday for me as I have to arrange the bank, doctors, payments, bills etc. not to mention to contact agencies (as I work with severe) which is the best place to go next. But beside that I love to take the time to slow down a bit when I'm home, catch up with friends and just simply enjoy life. Right now I'm sitting in a park enjoying this rare, beautiful, sunny days in England with my favourite Starbucks frappuchino. Small things can make me happy though.
This time after Japan I still need time to pull myself together, even I spent 2 weeks there after I quit the job. I don't want to start the next contract being tired of people. It's never a lucky start. But my next place will be Corsica and I'm pretty sure the sunshine and the sea will cure my little burnout syndromes very fast.
Someone asked me why I don't work in London. Such a big city with lots of business men from all around the world. The question is correct. The answer: because I don't want. The system in London strip clubs is different than in rest of Europe. I'm not telling you big secrets here but elsewhere in Europe the clubs pay me fix daily salary plus commission, while here in London the dancers pay to the clubs to work there and it depends of the location and the popularity of the club it can be £60-80 per night. And because the girls pay for the club, they want to make sure that they earn minimum that amount back, so in some clubs they are waiting for customers at the front door to jump on them as soon as they enter. I can not be such a shark! It is just not my work style and this in not a relaxing environment for me.
And this funny story just came into my mind. After I came back from Greece where I worked on the summer, I was looking for some new clubs in London. I wanted to stay for a while. I found one where I started to work but on my first day one of the girl was absolutely fucked up (It was only a Monday night but she was totally drunk.) She was in the middle of the room and suddenly she showed her naked butt to everyone screaming “I'm not wearing any panties!” Such a great expression! Later she followed me to the washroom saying “You have to buy me a drink.”
“Why I have to buy you anything?”
“Because that's a rule here, every new girl has to buy me a drink.”
(There was no free drink from the bar to the girls, you can guess why..)
“I'm gonna smash your face!” she sounded extremely arrogant.
“You know what? Do it!”
She did not expect this answer and I just left her there. I don't get scared that easy and she was quite drunk for a fight anyway.
Next day she was like nothing happened. But I had problem with the manager instead. Every girl had to wear a long dress on the floor and I had this beautiful long dress with a high slit on one side. And he was arguing with me that it's not what he want to see in his club. Even the housemum tried to convince him that it is okay as it was really a gorgeous dress and it fit me perfectly. But he was kept saying no and I got a little pissed off after the first day experience.
“So just let me make it clear here: if the customer can see my right ankle from the dress, it is a problem. But if I'm drunk and I show my naked ass to everyone, it's not. Right? WTF?” 
His face went red and only told me “Go, change!”
Of course I did, and the same time I left the club. Next week I was sitting on a plane to Belgium..
So for me this work and travel combo works out perfectly. It needs more organisation, but for it's worth the time and effort. And between the contracts I have enough time to recharge my batteries..

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