"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Goodbye 2014

After some issues with my flight – 4 hours delay and because of that I missed the last bus so I had to spend the night at the airport again and take the first bus next day – finally I've arrived to Pescara, Italy. Sleeping at airports seems became my habit this year though. The landing was also awful, the wing almost touched the ground before the plane. I can say the worst landing in my life when you believe in God or not, but start to pray suddenly. But I don't complain as I'm safely arrived in one piece.

I just started to work, I don't want to say anything about the job yet. I don't make my conclusion after 1 day work, all I can say now I'm lucky enough to share the room with a nice girl I've met before in Corsica so I don't feel lonely. She just asked me yesterday: “Have you ever thought that once you will celebrate the New Year's Eve with me?” Of course not!

I must say I'm happy to say Good bye to this year as it was not a lucky one for me. It wasn't fruitful, all my success was about this blog. I was disappointed in friends (even close ones) but same time I've found new ones. My dates were not lucky at all, but I learned a lot about men. I was also not lucky with travel (cancelled flights, sleeping at airports, going to a wrong airport – the latest I still can't understand how I could manage) but my biggest dream to go to Japan came true in this year. Financially I used all my saving by the end of the year because the almost 2 months break I took, but I realised I have people around me I can count in crisis. So in this year I got hot and cold, almost like in a love and hate relationship. But these kind of relationships always come with lots of stress and I usually quit as soon as I can from them, same reason I'm happy to this year came to the end.

And I made the same New Year Resolution as I do in every year. I promised myself that in the new year I will try to do something new. It can be to visit a place where I've never been before, tasting a food that I've never tried or it can be just to see something in a totally different way than I did before. And when I look back in the end of the year, I always realise that it was more than one new thing, actually it's always a big bunch of new things each year to be greatful for. I'm still busy counting them..

So now a new day, a new year and a fresh start. I'm ready to take new adventures and accept the challenges that 2015 will bring in my way.

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  1. happy new year
    hope you keep on writing :-)
    make a list what you will do - maybe the readers here can support you :-)