"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Monday, 21 July 2014

Chasing the Midnight Sun

Let's start this story with December last year. I've been here in Iceland already. I've heard lots of good thing about the club here and I wanted to give it a go. 2 days before my flight the agency contacted me that the club is currently not open, but the owner wants me to come anyway as they can reopen at any time. So I arrived but the club didn't open next day or next week either. I spent 2 weeks in Reykjavik hoping that I can work but nothing happened. Finally I gave it up, enjoyed a few days more as a tourist here and I was heading back to the UK.
The owner was very supportive, he totally understood my situation. I can't have a bad word about him. I told him I want to leave because it's just not worth it to spend the money I earned in another country (and if I want to take a holiday I would rather go somewhere warm.) So he booked me the ticket back to London, he gave me money for the ticket I lost (I couldn't just change the date on the return flight) he booked me a hotel for a night and he sent his driver to take me to the airport next morning. He was absolutely correct!
I was not so disappointed. You always take some risks when you travel. And I found Iceland an extremely beautiful country, cold, but very nice. I met a nice photographer guy here, we rented a car and he took me to the best places where I could take some breathtaking pictures. I went to explore Reykjavik in a snowstorm, when I got snow, rain, hail and strong wind all in one. But I didn't mind. I visited the Icelandic Penis Museum :) and the Blue Lagoon. I was disappointed only about one thing: I couldn't see the Northern Lights as the sky was too cloudy those days. But I decided to come back here on the summer. One thing was in my head and made me think: it can't be a bad place if some girls can wait here long weeks without work for the reopening because they want to keep their place in the club. If they leave, there is a chance that other girls will arrive and they have to wait longer for free places. Some clubs work with limited number of girls because of the accommodation. They care about the girls and they don't just throw a mattress on the floor saying “you will sleep here.”

So now here I am again. Finally the club is open! And the country on the summer showing a different face.. I landed at Keflavik airport at 23.30. Outside was still daylight. Not sun, but let's say like a rainy day in England. The night started only around 2am and soon after there was morning already. Friday night lots of people on the streets. It looks promising.. Now I can't wait to see how is the work here! :)


  1. hi lindsay,
    good to hear - you are doing well -
    i am just sitting here in my project and doing fire fighter (laugh)
    i saw some movies aboute iceland, but it is different when you are living there.

    1. Hello again :)
      Thank you being so active with comments and for your kind support.
      I recommend to everyone once in the life to visite Iceland. Pure nature, fresh air, high quality seafood and you can drink the water from the tap, it's so clear. Not so many place on Earth like that..

  2. hi lindsay,
    i find it very interesting, that someone like you sharing these storis here. compared to my live (i am not a dancer - chucle) you have many places to live and explore ...