"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Monday, 28 July 2014

My Big Sister

There is a Big Brother show again in the UK on Channel 5. Usually I don't care about reality shows but this time I know a person who went into the house. The loud mouth Biannca as the Daily Star called her. And she made quite a big scene when she was voted out: she left the house topless!

I was smiling when I read the article about it because it's really her! She was truly herself on TV, she showed her real face to the cameras. I remember when she first came to the club where I worked in Mayfair, London. Eventually her name in the club was also London that I found a bit awkward but she always made a joke about it. She came with a very pretty friend of hers and they just started to get familiar with this kind of business. As I mentioned earlier, in London I worked in an old style hostess club (or champagne club if you prefer to call it so) where were no stage shows. Our task was entertaining the customers and selling champagne with clothes on. We had 2 or 3 dancers who made fully nude strip, but it was no pressure on other girls to do it so. Oh boy, I really miss those times!!! I made money on an easy way having lots of laugh and fun not like now sometimes with so much hustle on.
Biannca's friend very soon left but she stayed in the club longer. It was about 6 years ago. I also remember her talking about her girl band, modeling and that she wanted to go to the BB already that time. She was always open minded, straight forward – maybe a little na├»ve – but definitely not a mishy mashy double faced Essex girl. I always had a good laugh with her. And day by day she felt more confident in the club, she started to do striptease soon. After our ways were separated, I knew she was dancing in Marbella and she stayed there quite long, but it was never my intention to work there.

And now she made it into the BB house. Even she left after a few days I'm happy for her. And I'm happy that she freely talks about her past being a stripper and webcam girl and she doesn't care about social stigmas. I know lots of girls – even myself in some situations – that would just zip up the mouth and deny all. But she's only doing what she always wanted to do: having lots of fun! And not the flashing boobies make others critical and bad-mouthed about her but the way she's being truly herself.  


  1. ha ha ha - funny link with Biannca showing her boobs on TV ...
    I can understand you not doing something like this, because when you decide to go in a show you have to face the consequences (positive / negative)
    The interesting part is, what will you do, when getting the chance to attend BB?
    Showing your body ?
    Talking about your past ?
    Doing something naughty as the report mentioned ?

    1. Hmmm, I've never thought about it as I'm not interested in any reality show. But if I have to face with the consequences, I'm up for it. I have nothing to hide... but still I don't think I would make a scene showing my boobs off.