"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I was working in Skegness on the weekend

I'm still keeping my words that I don't really want to work in London, and I thought this time I give a chance to the British countryside instead of the busy capital. Now to be honest I feel a little bit tired to travel again so far. So I had a little conversation with myself to stay in England and try out some new clubs here. One of the British girls in Iceland recommended this club to me, then I contacted the owner, he was nice and extremely helpful so I thought I have nothing to loose. I've taken bigger risk in my life to travel to other continents for work and I didn't have any personal contact with any of the staff members from that club, only the agency. Agencies takes percentage after you from the club, they of course want you to go there and they only tell you the nice things. To travel circa 200 km from London to try a club is really nothing to me. Plus I thought Skegness as a holiday place can be busy for the long weekend.
Afterall I'm not surprised that things are not going to be smooth. The club is open only 3 days on the weekends, in theory it sounds perfect to me to work there and weekdays I'm back in London and I have plenty of time on my hands to finish other stuffs I have to. But this bank holiday weekend was extremely boring and slow in Skegness! When I worked in the hostess club in London, the bank holiday weekends were always quiet because people travel to the countryside.. but on the countryside didn't seem to be crowded either! Anybody knows where are the people then???
They provide accommodation but the place is not 5 stars. In my room there is no window and it cost me £10 per day. Bloody hell! When I write here I feel like a poor French realist writing in a dark mansard room with candle light and his only companions are the pigeons on the roof :) Luckily there is a door to the rooftop and when it's sunny I can leave that door open. I don't think I will spend much time there though. Although when I worked in Canada, the accommodation was similar. Above the club there were big double rooms originally, but they divided them into 2 single rooms, obviously the windows were attached to one of them. In the inside rooms were no windows too and I stayed in one of them (for 3 months!) Can you imagine how much time I spent indoor?
And about the people in Skegness: they are – let's say – simple. (Not in a bad way.) If they don't want to pay you, they tell you straight. Sometimes it's a much more appreciated way than playing a game or promising “I'll have a dance with you later.” You know how many times I've heard that sentence? And of course in this term “later” means “never”. Actually I'm happy not to play those mind games with them. And these guys are a little bit na├»ve too. They have difficulties to understand why I don't want to work in London. They immediately start to laugh when I say I came all the way from London to Skegness to work in a strip club. “Oh, there is much more money in London!” I'm a bit of tired to explain it again and again why not.
But after all these actually I'm considering to work in London.. At least one day to try. I said so many times that I don't want to work in London clubs because too much competition and bitchiness between the girls, but never experienced myself. It's like how can I write about something I don't have personal experience about? But I need to get my guts up before I go to the cage of the lions.

Until I will be chillin' in Skegness in my windowless room. :)


  1. yeah holiday - always quiet but on the other side less traffic on the roads (meaning less rush hour) ...
    So you are back in england - is it also raining as the rest of europe? (i hope so - just looking out of the windows in a raining day)

    1. Hello dear, yes, unfortunately it's raining here too.. but this is England! :)

  2. Somebody told me that the word I used to describe these guys in Skegness maybe an unlucky one. I said they are "simple" so I'd like to correct myself and say they are more "innocent" instead..