"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Friday, 15 August 2014

In the Land of the Vikings 2.

Well, my staying in Iceland gets to the end. Somehow I'm always sad when I'm leaving this country. I've never felt so close to Mother Nature like here.. But one eye is crying and the other one is happy.
Here was a good experience about worship. Unbelievable for me that some girls can make any nice club a nightmare. When I arrived, some girls were waiting for customers on the top of the stairs. When they came up, they were ready to jump on them. Like piranhas! My jaw was dropped. I knew in some club girls like that but I never wanted to work there. One of the reason why I don't want to work any club in London (girls work in the same style because they pay for the club to work there and they want to make sure they make money).. First week I was just sitting and watching the show. And I was just smiling when the one who jumps first on the customer started to complain how the other girls catch the guys before her! Drama, drama..
I never worked in such an aggressive style! (Never needed.) Even some girls had customers but when a new guy arrived they were ready.. steady.. go! In other clubs the system is girls have to wait until the guy gets his drink at least. It's a much more polite way. I always let the guy relax before I go over. I wait until he takes a seat and order his drink. If I have eye contact with him and he smiles back, I'm 100% sure about my success. So for me this “jumping” style never works. I was surprised. I even made a joke with my boss that if I want to catch a customer I really need to go outside of the club to anticipate other girls?
2 more girls arrived. These 2 are an updated version of the others. They are waiting customers in the bar downstairs (the club is 2nd floor, but same owner and we are allowed to go there for coffee and stay there a little while) They are talking to guys and try to bring them upstairs. But for me the “Hello babe, do you want to come upstairs with me and have some private time?” sounds very low class to me. Not to mention that sometimes guys didn't even realise that upstairs is a champagne club. And the girls can't be upset when the guy ask straight away about sex. By the way, in Iceland it has a funny way thanks for the feminists. Law always protects the woman. Me as a woman can sell sex. It's legal. To buy it for guys it's illegal and they can have problems. And tourist don't know much about..
This week 2 more girls came. The competition didn't get any better. Actually now some girls are literally waiting for customers outside the front door and it just happened last weekend that some went for promotion drunk and wearing only a bra top on the streets. (Now probably I need to go till the airport if I want some customers for myself..) :) Definitely low class. I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm just saying in the club where a bottle of Crystal is 3000 euros(!) this behaviour is cheap. And as I said before we work with our own personalities. My persona is more a foxy lady, calm and classy and I can not (I can but don't want) be vulgar just because the others are. If this behaviour not acceptable for me, I'm not going to put another mask on and start to be more aggressive. For a guy? For a customer? (I always say there will be only one man in this World that I would fight for: my son if I have one.)

Oh dear, so many other clubs in this planet...!

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