"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Friday, 5 September 2014

In memory of Jimmy

Although I have to confess I didn't know him well. We were not friends in the deeper meaning of this word. He was my manager. One of the kind you will always remember. But for sure he was a character of the Mavericks club in Cape Town, South Africa. A lively, funny and definitely an unforgettable character. He was homosexual. I'm not saying that to label him, I'm saying because it was part of his personality. His persona if I can say that.
He was funny when he made a show on stage as a dragqueen. Don't imagine a proper show with costumes and make up, he just randomly went on the stage when he got bored and took all the attention from customers. Every eyes and every spotlights were focused on him. Or when he pretended he's on a catwalk. Me and my friends were sitting on a coach and enjoyed the show as he moved his hips sideways as models do. We were laughing on him and with him. He enjoyed our attention too. Still makes me smile when I remember how he fixed his imaginary make up in the mirror!
I didn't like him sometimes as he always checked what the girls are wearing. He was a very honest criticist with sharp eyes – and with a sharp tongue too. (But he was right most of the time) I remember when my friend wanted to wear a very sexy jeans short and he almost got a heart attack when he saw her! He sent her back to the changing room to change the outfit because jeans short are not “classy”. Or I remember when he was flirting with my customer and end of the story he gave his mobile number to him. My customer was kept telling me all night that “I can't believe that! I came to a strip club and I got a number of a guy!” It was so funny. (Maybe my customer was also homosexual but he hasn't realise it yet. For me it's a mystery how homosexual guys can spot eachothers, and they are right most of the time.)
Sometimes I hate my facebook. When you just want to check your notifications and on the wall a bad news just popping up and hit you in the head. I didn't even know he was sick. Everything happened so suddenly. A great soul has gone. Now he's doing catwalk shows to angels in heaven and makes them smile. But he will liv forever in our memories and we won't forget him.

You will be truly missed..

Rest in peace Jimmy Diva!

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