"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Sunday, 28 September 2014

My dog-lover ex

I love animals. Although I'm a cat person, I do love dogs as well. Ok, not those portable handbag dogs. They are cute but for me the meaning of a dog starts somewhere a normal height. But after experiencing this story I was not able even to look at them for a while. 
I was dating with a guy who had a small female dog. Of course I knew him from the club I used to work that time. But I thought he is a fantastic man. We shared the same way of thinking, similar mentality from the beginning,  same interest. He was a strong character,  manly, like a big silent warrior. You know the kind you know you can rely on. He will be there any time you need him. So what about the dog then? No, the story is not that bad as you think, but definitely one of the weirdest that ever happened to me. 
For me his relationship with his dog was acceptable but not quite alright. Maybe I was overreacting but sometimes he gave more attention to the dog than to me. I have made comments about it and he just said I'm jealous of the dog. But he also told me he loves her more than anything else and she has the priority in his life. Because she taught him what real love is. When we had sex I asked him not to let her in the room and he agreed.  But when we finished he oped the door and the dog jumped in the bed. He immediately started to play with her, stroke her and I was scratching my head that WTF? I just gave him a blowjob and swallowed his sperm and he's pampering the dog more than me? All those intimate moments were vanished in a second. 
But the main issue was not that. When I first saw the dog humping and cuming on his arm I found the situation funny. Dogs do it on random things,  sometimes on a toy or on your leg. Second time I still didn't want to see the warning signals. But at the 3rd, 4th, 5th times it was bizarre! When I realised that is part of the daily routine, this fantastic,  strong guy became so small in my eyes. He lost all my respect. But how can I respect a man who is misunderstanding his own feelings and project his love to a dog? Lonely people often do that but in a sexual way? I felt pitty for him. And we had a huge argument. He didn't want to understand why it's a problem, animals need that too, it's nature. Is it nature to pat me in the same way as the dog or using the same words when he made his dog cum than he used with me? That's sick man!
Psychologically I understand him. He lost him mother and he supress lots of love and he became a sad person. Than he got the dog, someone that he can love and take care of. I just don't know how it became linked with his sexual habits. I'd love to hear what a psychoanalyst would say about that.. how did this become such a habit for him, more important than a woman next to him? When we had an argument I even asked him if he knows that in some countries it's legal to marry a dog (according to an Australian guy who married his labrador) All he could say it was that he promises me not to do it again front of me! He didn't understand it's just way too wrong! He thought it's not a big deal. It is a big deal! He thought I'm asking him to choose between me and his dog. He didn't get the point that I ask him to choose between me and his habit. I knew I have to make my decision to accept him with his dog or get my stuff and run away. I told him to ask any healthy minded woman,  none of them would except that from a guy they want to build a relationship with. So the guy slowly disappeared from my life. At the end I was the bad one who doesn't like animals. I do like them. But I love and respect myself more than to stay in this situation. 
I often wonder what if I'm not a dancer? Still can I have all these interesting stories about dating and weird guys all over the planet? Or am I overreacting something here?
I'm curious what other women would do in the same situation..


  1. all kind of people do exist ...
    many people today are more attached to their facebook account than to their partners ...
    e.g. having 10.000 followers but no one is coming to my funeral ...
    thats why I do not like this kind of communities ...

  2. Ok, maybe I have the special talent to find all those weirdos ;)

  3. ha ha ha ...
    ok long story short - one of my colleague is uploading everything on facebook (i mean everything) and his girlfriend is kind of pissed and asked him why ?
    He told her: when i gonna die my 10.000 followers will know ...
    she replied: you think someone will come to your funeral from your facebook friends - really ?
    So right now we call him Mr 10.000

  4. Funny story. But for me what he's doing clearly nothing else just attention seeking. Maybe he doesn't get that attention what he wants/needs from his girlfriend and he is seeking it somewhere else. Apparently on Facebook. As more as merrier.
    I don't judge their relationship, I don't know the details. But I noticed those who have a balanced relationship barely use Facebook..

  5. WTF????????? :/