"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween! Boo hoo!

Hm, I think this year I will skip all these Halloween madness as I go back from Paris to London earlier as I planned. Just in case I brought my sexy nurse costume with me to dress up but I don't feel the need of a crazy Halloween party. I have had it enough. When I was working in London it was always a big deal, we were talking about costumes and make-ups and decoration even a month before. I'm sure for clubs it's a very good business every year because everyone likes to dress up and being abnormal for a night.
We don't celebrate Halloween in my country. We have All Saint's Day on 1st of November according to the Catholic tradition. It's a "fundamental belief that there is a prayerful spiritual bond between those in heaven and the living" this day so we remember our beloved ones who died and we go to the cemeteries to lit a candle for their soul. If you cross the country by night and you pass a cemetery this time, it's beautiful with all those hundreds of little lights in the dark. And I have someone to remember: my grandma passed away this year while I was in Japan and I felt pretty bad that I couldn't come back for the funeral. So at least this day I want to show my respect to her. If I would have a chance I go to the Sacre Coure but I try to find a quiet corner and lit the candle. This year for me the Halloween definitely not about scary masks and fake blood all over.
Last year I had an awful Halloween party at work. I was in Macau that time. They made it nice with Bloody Mary welcome drinks and costume competition; some girls had an amazing look! Me, I've done the hardcore party at work on the previous night. I was drinking champagne from the bottle, it was great fun and I got so so drunk! Unbelievable how much Chinese can drink and how much they enjoy to make the girls drunk! But on the 31st I was not able to get out the bed. I made a joke that for Halloween I'm going to be a zombie, I don't even need make-up! I was creepy enough when I looked in the mirror.
I called the manager to ask him to stay at home but he said "Come on, Lindsay, it's Halloween party, I need all the girls on the floor!" Great. I have no idea how but I collected all my energy and I made it to work. Well, not the perfectly done Sugar Skull make-up that I planned to pain on my face.. On my way at work I popped into a shop and I bought some green and orange T-shirts, cut them in pieces, I draw a face on the orange one and I was the Jack(queline) O' Lantern. That was all my availability and creativity for that night. But I really wasn't well. I had to ask the DJ to call another girl on stage and I run to the toilette. I was so sick. It was not the most memorable Halloween party in  my life for sure!
But all can be very special with a good decoration and little ideas that bring more customers to celebrate the Halloween in a strip club rather than just in a normal night club. All those sexy devils and nurses are waiting for you tonight! So don't be scared! Maybe some horny vampire would suck your.... uhumm... blood! :)

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