"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Friday, 7 November 2014

Is there Life after stripping?

Well, I really hope so as I'm not planning to shake my tities in my fifties. I've already heard a few comments like “you are too old for this”. But who decides when a stripper must quit from this lifestyle? It depends on her and only on her. I've seen older women – I mean much older than me – still beautiful, smiling and entertaining all night. And they still enjoy! That's her whole life! One of my boss and owner of a strip club told me these girls need attention constantly. It's their drugs. Without the stage, the spotlights and being in a centre of attention they are lost. I agree with him although I never had this addiction. As I spend more time in this industry, I enjoy less being on the stage and more the intelligent conversations with different people.
I also heard from customers that in that age I should concentrate on my carrier in a normal day job and cooking Sunday roast to my husband and kids. This is only a stereotype. Actually I'm very happy that I don't have kids. For me travelling the world and teasing men it's not expectable if you have a baby at home. I've seen lots of girls crying because they are away from their babies. In South Africa I worked with a Brazilian girl who was still breastfeeding, and the baby was in Brazil. For me this is a big NO! And I always answer to these guys, I don't want a baby. They look at me surprisingly. But it's true. I don't want only a baby. I want a family. The whole package. Husband, kids, home, garden, a dog, a cat and a goldfish. I know you smile, but I still won't be happy as a single mum with a crying baby doing night shifts.
Lots of girls are waiting for their Prince Charming to ride up in his white BMW, rescue them from the club and ensure them a secure lifestyle. (Mine got lost somewhere on his way!) They want to be taken away from this job and working for a living. They want to live in a big house with housekeeper and driver. But we know from fairy tales that sooner or later there will be a witch or the mean stepmother (a new lover or the ex wife). Some of my friends found true love during working in night clubs and I'm happy for them. They settled down in foreign countries, getting engaged or having babies. Most of all, they are happy. Ah I know where is my Prince Charming! He has such a big heart, he sold his beautiful white horse to buy me a ring! Now he's riding a donkey and poor animal is just so slow.. :)
Seriously talking, after six years of being a lady of the night, I decided to step out to the daylight. I started this blog almost a year ago. I never thought but I really enjoy writing it. And checking the statistics I'm surprised that so many people follow and send me emails with lots of questions and saying “What a refreshing and interesting blog! I think a stripper who studies Japanese and know psychology should be deserving of every guy's interest.” Last week I got an email from a university student and she asked me if I would help her writing her dissertation about lap-dance experience. I'm happy to help and also that not only men read my blog.
But my final goal is – to be honest – to write a book. I have the whole concept in my head but it takes time. So now I try to work less at night and focus on writing daytime. At least it keeps me busy and entertained until my Prince Charming arrives on his donkey.


  1. Good idea to write a book - just use crowdfunding to get your project up and running.
    Yeah the thing with prince Charming - it is the same for us men with princess Cinderella.
    To get her, you have to build a big castle, conquer the world and get all the gold and clothing to satisfy her desire - oh and did i mention the big red dragon in the basement called mother in law?

    1. You don't need to mention! That fire-spitting one? LOL I think everyone knows it very well.. ;)

  2. the other kind of cinderella is the oriental beauty - but be aware when you meet her, you have to know the culture behind her - after getting together her whole family is involved in all your future planning and acting.
    Ever see the family crocodiles around your castle ?