"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

No way, Norway!

As it always happens to me, if I'm desperate to go to a place, it turns out something unpleasant. Same happened here. I was keen on coming here but now I can't wait for my contract to finish. I heard a lots of good things about working in Norway, especially about the clubs in Bergen and Trontheim. But when I sent my application there, the manager replied that he's very selective with a girls, and that moment he wanted younger and very acrobatic pole dancers because he had enough “older and talker” (actually I like the idea because he makes sure each customer can find the type of girl he likes) But after I found agencies working with clubs in Oslo, and I applied even I heard some bad stories about it. But if you never try, you never know..
Now I know. And I'm pretty sure I won't come back here. The No way, Norway! expression I heard from other dancers who worked here previously, now I understand why. I don't know if it's just this club, but my customer told me yesterday they passed another club on the same street and he didn't even want to enter that one because the doormen were too rough looking. Our club is pretty OK though, but for me it has a strange and arrogant atmosphere that I don't like. Let's put it in this way, not the friendliest place I have worked.

I have problems with the apartment. 12 women together in a not so big flat. 12 women for 1 bathroom. It means you have no privacy even on the toilet. 12 women for 1 kitchen. I can not have my coffee there in relax. 12 women and 1 house key. That's really sucks. I'm staying in a room with a balcony, and every smoker walk through the room if they need a fag. Almost every time they wake me up, because they try to be as quiet as possible but outside they are talking or listening their music loudly. I have very disturbed sleeping since I'm here, no wonder why I'm getting more and more irritated at work. And some girls have no respect for others. One girl was on the top of my bed because she needed something from the top of the wardrobe and she was upset when I asked her not to step on my pillow when she's walking around barefoot in the flat. The other one was searching something for half an hour in plastic bags while I tried to sleep. Seriously I started to feel I'm the antisocial and deviant here because I don't talk loudly and I can close the door without making noise.

My only luck is that I'm sharing the room with a very nice Polish girl. Basically she's the only person I like here. We haven't met before but we worked in the same places. I remember on my last day in Macau I popped into my Polish manager and she told me there are 2 girls arrived from Poland and we just figured out she was one of them. I didn't work that night because I had an early flight next day and they didn't work because they just arrived from the airport. Same in Iceland, she just arrived a few days later after I left. And how lucky I am that we met here! I really feel if she's not with me, I would just give up and go home. Even the club has potentials to make money, my own mental health is worth more and I don't want to struggle on a place I don't feel good. I gave a few more days to myself to decide if I leave earlier, but for sure I don't come back here to work again. No way!

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  1. I'm definitely deviant here. I dare to take a day off! Here the other girls work 3 or more weeks without a break.
    Sorry guys, I'm not a workaholic! ;)