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Friday, 17 January 2014

Heading to the Paradise

After 4 weeks hard work in Luxembourg I'm in a need of some rest. You think 'oh you girls just party all night', but this is actually a hard physical job. Wearing high heels, dancing on stage 6-8 times a night, smiling and looking pretty and drinking until you hit the floor.. 6 days a week and 8-10 hours a day. Or sometimes more..

I was absolutely excited and felt lucky when I got the chance to work in Guadeloupe in the West Indies after all. I contacted the owner of the club and I asked if there any place for 2 and he said yes. Great! I've never been in the Caribbean before plus I'm going there with a friend that I haven't seen for ages but before we travelled a lot together. And the work conditions are perfect, the club is open from 11pm to 4am, and only 5 days a week. The owner bought us the tickets, so basically I'm going for a 5 weeks holiday (with a little work) to the Caribbean on extremely low costs. What else could I wish more? Beautiful white sandy beaches, blue sky, clear sea, 28 degrees... and SUN! Yuppie! I've already checked the websites where we can snorkel, sailing, sunbathing. I can't wait!

This is the part of my job I like the most. I enjoy discovering places! I still remember when with my friend we decided to conquer the World. I met her in Greece. Her name is Giselle (yes, another VS model) I was about to leave the club when she arrived and she took my place in the room. I went to another club to near Nafplio. But I wasn't so happy on the new place, the club was okay, but the apartment! It was in the middle of nowhere, no Internet, no shop nearby, only a beach 10 meters away from the house. First day was nice, we enjoyed the sea but when we had no food left, we asked the owner how we go to buy some stuff.
“No worries girls, you can call me any time and I will take you to the shop. Or tomorrow I will bring you a bicycle.”
I didn't like the first option, I'm not the type who wants to be dependent on someone. I like to go to the shop when I want, not when he has time to pick me up. I didn't like the second option either. Not because I'm lazy to ride a bicycle, but I didn't feel it safe at all. When we were on the beach, so many cars stopped asking stupid questions or even making offers. It was quite disturbing. Can you imagine when I'm alone on a bicycle between two villages? The sea is on one side, a field is on the other side? No, I'm not taking that risk....

So after two days I had a plan to escape. I made my luggage ready and I knocked on our neighbour's door. It took time to someone opened the door. They didn't speak English. I don't speak Greek. The only word that the man understood it was “hotel” and I pointed toward my luggage. He waved with his hand and went to the backyard to the car. It was dirty inside, I guess he transported animals and hay with it. That moment I didn't care. Just later when I was sitting in a dirty car next to a total stranger who doesn't speak the same language, I questioned myself about my own mental statement. “Am I really out of my mind?”

But the trip ended well. He took me to a hotel in the centre of the town, and he didn't even want to charge me with the ride. The hotel was very simple but luckily not so expensive. No Internet access. I went to an Internet Cafe and I checked my flight ticket back to England. And in the same time I sent a message to my agent, that I want to go back to the previous club or I go home. I gave her time to the next day, if she doesn't reply I go back and book the ticket. Greece is beautiful, so I planned to enjoy the rest of the day. I was walking around, climbed the hill which has 999 steps to the top, watched the sunset and I had a nice dinner. After all I slept like a baby. Next day I took the bus to Epidavros, to the famous ancient theatre. I really enjoyed my little break without work and the sightseeing. On my way back, the agency called. She was not so happy that I just left the club without saying anything to the boss, but she said I can go back to the previous place. So I went back and I took the same room with Giselle.

She was very nice and we became friends. (No, we are not lesbians! I must say that because every guy I mentioned her had sparkles in his eyes like “really? How good friends you are?” and wink) We are more like sisters. The same way of thinking and same interest. Same desire to travel as much as we can so we decided to travel and work together in the future. That night there was no electricity in the whole town, we got the text that the club is closed. We lit a candle and we were surfing on the Internet checking new agencies and clubs where we wish to go, until the battery died in my laptop.
“Wow, there is a club in South Africa! Let's go there, we can go to a safari!”
“OK, it sounds good. But there is another in Hong Kong! Look at the pictures! After we can go to Thailand and do a scuba dive training.”
“Let's go to Guam! There is an army base there! ;) “
“The work conditions are very good in Canada..”
And so on. We had lots to plan.. and we learned the Greek word Πάμε for a lifetime, meaning “let's go!”

And then we worked in Canada together for 3 months and in the same year we went to Cape Town. And now to the Caribbean. I'm super excited!

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