"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Would you live with a stripper?

The thought of living with a bombshell who can turn you on 7/24 is exciting, right? But let me tell you something. The following information is not general but unfortunately I've seen it many times as I lived more than 30 apartments in different countries. Strippers hate to clean. Of course, you always can find an exception just like me :) but seriously after I arrive to a new place, my first things on the shopping list are toilet rolls, cleaning wipes, sponge and washing up liquid.

Usually clubs provide accommodation to the girl who travel. Very often is above the club but can be a very nice apartment booked in the nearest hotel just like I had it in Geneva. I found it funny when a customer asked me if we are sleeping on mattresses.. :) But since I dance my best place to stay was in Cape Town, South Africa, where the club has the whole building next door (opposite the police station so it's absolutely safe!) to accommodate around 100 girls. 3 floors, big rooms for 2 or 3 girls, big kitchens, clean bathrooms, rooftop with a small swimming pool, sunbathing area and a cleaner every day! What a bless! 

In Europe girls don't stay long in one place. They go to work for 2-3 weeks and then home to their country and back again. In that case most of them unfortunately never feel the apartment as it's their home, even for a short time. They never feel that they have a responsibility to clean after themselves when they move out, saying the new girl will do it anyway. Same with the dirty dishes. I personally don't cook in those places. I rather eat somewhere or buy just a ready made microwave food, because often I don't  want to touch anything in the kitchen. Jesus, I've seen a girl doing the dirty dishes with a soap bar! Not even liquid soap! Can you imagine? But at least this girl tried to do something. Most of the time girls finish work drunk, they cook and eat in the morning, but simply forget to cleanafter themselves. Next day they don't remember but they are standing angry in the middle of the kitchen and arguing with everybody, because they can't find a clean spoon! And sadly the dirty dishes stay in the sink for days until someone has enough and clean up all the mess.

Or even in Cape Town, we had a serious meeting because someone was using the toilet not in a 'normal' way. The cleaner was complaining because 2 or 3 times she found the thing on the floor, just right next to the toilet.. covered with toilet paper. WTF? I found it extremely funny, but still I can't imagine myself so drunk that I can't find a toilet seat...

But my favourite is when the club charge the dancers for a cleaner, but we have never seen anybody cleaning the apartment. “Yes, because she comes when you, girls, are sleeping!” And apparently she also forgets to clean, because everything it's on the same place where we left. Including the mess.

So yes, it's fun to live with 10-15 other girls in a small apartment. We're used to see each other naked at work or in the changing room, nakedness doesn't bother us at home either. It would be a dream of a man to live in the same place. But when it comes to cleaning, poor guy should not expect anything extraordinary. Except he likes to be a slave.. otherwise after 2 weeks he would run home to his wife/mum/girlfriend to a clean, cosy home with delicious food made in a clean kitchen.

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