"Well-behaved women seldom make history."
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Friday, 24 January 2014

Hello bello, Sun is yellow!

Here we are under the sun, the sky is blue, the sea is clear and 30 degrees every day! Sometimes heavy rain, but after 15 minutes the sky is clear again. We really have no reason to complain about our life here! The only problem I have, because it's very humid, we have lots of mosquitoes and they want to eat me alive! The “jungle formula” that I brought with me and it should give me protection from them and other insect bites up to 10 hours, doesn't help at all. The apartment is not the most modern and the cleanest I've ever seen, but here you don't want to spend your time sitting at home so no needs of luxury big flat screen TV on the wall.

The funny thing that since we are here, other people try to scare the hell out of us saying “Be careful, it's dangerous!” First we heard that we shouldn't go to Saint Felix to the beach, which is only 10 minutes walk from the house, because local people are living in the bush and they disturb the girls there. Well, we were there yesterday, I haven't seen a single man who looked dangerous to us. But families with small kids and other white girls sunbathing topless, yes! Those locals are even saying a “Bon Jour” or Ça va” to us when we walk. OK, sometimes men whistle from the car or they try to communicate, but that's all! I don't think we should put on them the DANGEROUS label only because they are men.. We are smart enough not to look for trouble. We won't walk this area after dark, we won't hitchhiking and sit into stranger's car or behave as we are dancers (meaning wearing extremely short skirts or talk loud and get all the attention) on the streets.

The next “very” dangerous thing here is the local woman. They are jealous of blondies and jealousy can kill.. Yesterday my friend put a flower into her hair and the next 2 minutes a car stopped next to us. A dark skinned woman got off the car and she started to talk to us in French. We didn't understand well, but she tried to explain that the flower is poisonous and she shouldn't touch her mouth with her fingers or even better if she can wash her hands. Yeah, that woman was very dangerous! Or the way back from the supermarket with heavy bags, we took the bus. Another dark skinned woman in the door took my bag and lift it up helping me to get on the vehicle. She was also the type of person I need to be careful with.. I'm not making a fun about it here, but my rules are very simple. Live and let to live. If you treat people with great respect, they have no reason to hurt you.

The next on the list is a venomous grey worm. I don't know the name of it, but I just heard from a girl in the house that we shouldn't leave the windows open because it comes from the trees. Me personally prefer the open windows than the aircon in the room as I get sick all the time. And look the cleaniness of the house, this aircon with a dirty filter can be more harmful for my health than have a chance to see this worm in the room.

The only real danger here will be our dear colleagues. I don't want to be against any nationality here, but I have difficulties working with French girls. At least with these here. They are the second on my anti-popularity list. Even my French friend said the girls here are nuts (maybe too much sun!) On the top of my list, I give the first place to the Romanian girls. They can be very nasty if they don't like you. I remember when I started and I was so naïve, one of them pushed me down from the stage because I smiled at her customer.. when I'm supposed to smile for everybody. I learned fast the way how they can behave. On the third place are the Russian speaker girls (Ukraine, Latvia, Litvania, etc.) but at least they are not aggressive with me. Of course that was some fights between us, but nothing serious. They just expect me to speak Russian, and it's pretty annoying when somebody after 3 weeks work together still doesn't get that I don't understand her and she keeps talking to me in Russian.

But here, since we arrived we experienced fights every day. Between the French girls, because I don't get into this. If any of them said something to me, I just smiled. I can not be bothered to get into fights, I don't waste my time and energy. But the way they live is unbelievable. They don't have respect for others at all. Not at home and not at work. The cleaning will be a problem here too. We have the bathroom in our room, and the 2 girls from the same floor use this bathroom as well. But when I do the cleaning, one of them just come to take a shower and she leaves a Lake Ontario in the middle of the room. The other one is even worse, she just put the tampon into the toilet and she forget to flush. YUCK! What kind of place they grew up? At work there is a drama class. Crying over a bottle that she needs to share with her colleague, fight with the hot hair curler and burn the other girl's skin, too much drinks and I guess also drugs. They behave like kids. Very loud kids. My friend and I are extremely unique here, not only the hair colour, but the whole personality and the reasonable behaviour. Luckily..

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